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by Betty Griffin

Ashland City, TN


Finished size: 4" x 8"


This purse was made for my granddaughter because she likes to take toys and dolls with her where ever she goes. It is a round purse that opens up and lays flat so she can put all the toys I made for her in it which are: A coin purse (3 1/4" H X 4" W) with a zipper which was tacked to keep the tic-tac-toe tokens in it. The zipper pull is 3 1/2" X 3 1/4" with an embroidered "A". On the back it says "Tic-Tac_toe Grab a card and let's play". It has 5 flash cards. It has a purse that has a doll in it with a 7" X 4 1/2" quilt. The purse zips back up and has a caterpillar hanging on the strap. The strap has a band on it so you can adjust the length from a shoulder bag to a hand bag. The Purse is 6 3/4" in diameter and 4 1/4" thick. The strap fully extended is 8 3/4".

**Please be aware it was requiring me to fill out the perimeter field on the submission form with a min of 72 inches listed. Even though this field should not be required for the Accessory category**

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