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by Julie Webster

Centennial, CO

Quilt size: 31" x 41 3/4"

Mixed Techniques

(combination of 2 or more techniques)

I remember an old fashioned quilt placed on my childhood bed to keep me warm during the long Wisconsin winters. It could have looked very similar to the lower left design in "Generation Gap", hand-sewn by my Great-Aunt from fabric scraps and possibly feed sacks. "Generation Gap" makes a statement of the then and now, the old and new. The modern right top corner depicts heavily textured quilting and a modern mariner's compass with bright batik and printed colors playing off each other in a random pattern. The lower left traditional Dresden plates have a more predictable pattern and minimal quilting which were more popular in that time. The sash indicates that both have won our hearts as first place winners. Quilting, past and present, is a work of art to be adorned by generations to come. Who know what the next quilting generation will bring!

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