by Pennee Clanton
Buffalo, SD

Quilt size: 33" x 23 3/4"

"When I saw the sign in the one of the challenge fabrics that said "California Wilderness Colors for Spring 1946", I knew I wanted to do a store front.  So I called my sister Kellee and asked if she could help me create a store front.  After she drew it I started creating the quilt.  When I was finished appliqueing she painted the faces and did the shadowing. We called it Mitchell Sister's for our maiden name."

by Karen Larson
Te Aroha, Waikato, New Zealand

Quilt size: 39" x 40 1/2"

"The original drawing was designed by a friend Julia O'Sullivan especially for me, as I collect tea pots. Appliqued onto a Hoffman Supernova was the perfect fit.
A Cuppa Down Under represents the magic of Aotearoa (New Zealand)"

Quilt for sale, please contact Karen Larson

by Paula Bergan
Arlington, SD

Quilt size: 23" x 28"

"From everyday dresses to work dresses to evening wear, you can use Hoffman fabrics for it all!"

by Valorie Kasten
Williamston, SC

Quilt size: 36" x 36"

"What is secret to creativity?  This is a question I am always trying to just get a glimpse of the answer just like a sneaking a peak behind a fence."

by Rachel Siegel
Lebanon, PA

Quilt size: 19" x 28"

"This quilt is a modern "deconstruction" of the grey batik's pattern; each column is devoted to stacks of one of its shapes presented in a different color family against a contrast background. The grey bars pieced against mustard background, blue chevrons on the olive, and khaki dots on slate are unified by flashes of orange/red throughout.   While some of the challenge fabrics appear in larger sections, others were curated for their color elements and subtly pieced. The free-motion quilting, stitched in Aurifil, flows between columns, inviting the eye to move along with the design."

by Kathy Kent
Virginia Beach, VA

Quilt size: 32" x 32"

"Look at the bulletin board! The beginning was with wool! Ribbons of ideas! Let's do a fashion show. Hoffman Woolens. As with the fabric, it all started with wool in 1924 and moved from Hoffman Woolens to Hoffman California Fabrics - International. What a gift to the fabric and quilting world. Quilters everywhere thank the Hoffmans for your wonderful 95 years of fabric."

by Sharon Schlotzhauer
Monument, CO

Quilt size: 24" x 34"

"Many of us tend to socialize with folks who are, for the most part, just like ourselves. Those with the same interests, the same age group, and so on.  It could be a positive move to step out of our own comfortable circle of friends and get to know folks who are different from us in one way or another."

Quilt for sale, please contact Sharon Schlotzhauer

by Rich Kupferer
Mesa, AZ

Quilt size: 48" x 30"

"Late March I was ready to enter my 2019 challenge quilt and found the submission date had been pushed back into May. With the extra calendar time and the big shift in daily life, I had some newfound 'time on my Hands'. I used the opportunity to rummage through challenge fabric scraps, familiarize myself with my spouse's long-arm machine software, and set out to build this quilt. The original design addresses some of the broken paths and plans (piecings) and the jumble of confusing information (inter-mixed quilting themes) experienced during the pandemic."

by Rich Kupferer
Mesa, AZ

Quilt size: 39" x 26 1/2"

"'Out for a Spin' is an original design seeking to capture the simpler time in our lives when we went out on our bicycle or the first time we were allowed to take the family car out for a spin. Curved piecing was used emphasis the rotation as the circles bounce across the quilt."

by Patricia Caton
Plymouth, MA

Quilt size: 29" x 29 1/2"

"The challenge fabrics brought to mind a great day shopping. My shopper is enjoying a martini at an outdoor café at the end of the day, surrounded by shopping bags full of her fabulous purchases."

by Lynn Candrl
Owensville, MO

Quilt size: 23" x 34 3/4"

"My quilt's story began in 1940. A young woman with a dream graduated from Dress Design School. World War II began. Her dream was put on hold to work in an ammunition's plant. She played many roles in life. Her one constant was that of seamstress which she did with perfection. She died at age 97 when dementia/Alzheimers took their toll. Her design drawings and notebooks were among her treasured keepsakes. As her daughter, it is my dream to honor her memory through my quilting. Hoffman Fabrics had a dream, too. Transcending 80 years, all of our dreams converged!"

by Cherri Kincaid
Merritt Island, FL

Quilt size: 42" x 36 1/2"

"Two of the main challenge fabrics, Vintage and Antique, inspired me to do a 'fashion' style quilt. I decided to do a row by row type quilt and wanted to add words to the quilt describing how to create your own style of fashion. I pieced the quilt together with Aurifil threads and also used Aurifil threads to do all of the machine appliques. I also machine quilted using Aurifil threads. I did add a little 'bling' also."

Quilt for sale, please contact Cherri Kincaid

by Denise DuBois
Dunbarton, NH

Garment size: 23" x 34"

"A loose-fitting, boxy, over-sized coat seemed to be an appropriate choice for my vision of combining the wild modern Batik fabrics with small hints of the vintage-inspired fabrics. I liked the sketches of the women in the 1924 era ads fabric and imagined that two of the women, "Midge and Wilma", would certainly have gone wild over such a colorful coat. "

Garment for sale, please contact Denise DuBois

by Tonja McCarthy
El Dorado Hills, CA

Garment size: 20" x 30"

"When I saw this year's challenge had to use 6 fabrics I was super excited especially since the fabrics were a reflection of where Hoffman started. I thought what a celebration for a family owned company. That led me to the thesaurus. I typed in the word celebration and one of the words that caught my eye was reflection. These six fabrics are a reflection of who, what and where Hoffman began and is today. So, I decided to name this garment Reflection."

by Jill Cranford
Ottawa, IL

Quilt size: 42" x 36 1/2"

"Two of the main challenge fabrics, Vintage and Antique, inspired me to do a 'fashion' style quilt. I decided to do a row by row type quilt and wanted to add words to the quilt describing how to create your own style of fashion. I pieced the quilt together with Aurifil threads and also used Aurifil threads to do all of the machine appliques. I also machine quilted using Aurifil threads. I did add a little 'bling' also."

Quilt for sale, please contact Cherri Kincaid

by Betty Griffin
Ashland City, TN

Finished size: 4" x 8"

"This purse was made for my granddaughter because she likes to take toys and dolls with her where ever she goes. It is a round purse that opens up and lays flat so she can put all the toys I made for her in it which are: A coin purse (3 1/4" H X 4" W) with a zipper which was tacked to keep the tic-tac-toe tokens in it. The zipper pull is 3 1/2" X 3 1/4" with an embroidered "A". On the back it says "Tic-Tac-Toe Grab a card and let's play". It has 5 flash cards. It has a purse that has a doll in it with a 7" X 4 1/2" quilt. The purse zips back up and has a caterpillar hanging on the strap. The strap has a band on it so you can adjust the length from a shoulder bag to a hand bag. The Purse is 6 3/4" in diameter and 4 1/4" thick. The strap fully extended is 8 3/4".

by Denise DuBois
Dunbarton, NH

Finished size: 10" x 10" 2 3/4"

"I wanted the design of this zippered handbag to be as wild and varied as the fabric collection but still maintain a sense of unity and cohesion. The long strap easily converts the handbag into a shoulder bag."

Accessory for sale, please contact Denise DuBois

by Sonja Davison
Suffield, CT

Finished size: 10" x 11" x 3"

"I knew from the moment I saw the fabrics that I wanted to do hexies - they provided such a fun retro feel to the backpack and really let the fabrics shine."

by Jan Soules
Elk Grove, CA

Quilt size: 28" x 33"

Category: Mixed Techniques

(combination of 2 or more techniques)

"My quilt is based on Vermeer's portrait of "The Girl with the Pearl Earring". I was so excited to use a very different color palette and fabric choices to create my quilt. The use of these fabrics stretched my creative juices. It was fun to see her come alive!"

Quilt for sale, please contact Jan Soules

by Katherine Dossman
Belton, TX

Quilt size: 23 1/2" x 23 1/2"

Category: Applique Quilts

"I wanted to create a modern Baltimore album style block. One of the fabrics reminded me of pears so that gave me the idea to make fruit. I decided a pie would be a great center. I had fun with this and love the outcome. "

Quilt for sale, please contact Katherine Dossman

by Patricia James
Fredericksburg, VA

Finished size: 32" x 28"

Category: Garments

"When I saw the fabrics, I knew I wanted to make a swing coat with 3/4 length sleeves."




by Molly Roberts
Johnstown, CO

Quilt size: 25" x 35 1/4"

Category: Mixed Techniques

(combination of 2 or more techniques)

"Before COVID-19 struck, my niece and her husband were working for Nancy Silverton on her new restaurant, Barish, at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. I love the stories of the stars who stayed there and wanted to do an homage to the hotel and it's glamorous history. I hope the project will get back on it's feet someday!"

Quilt for sale, please contact Molly Roberts

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