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by Rebecca Haley

Porterville, CA

Quilt size: 35" x 39"

Mixed Techniques

(combination of 2 or more techniques)

This quilt was created using Hoffman Fabric. I selected the Japanese Warrior as a symbol of strength. The design was influenced by Japanese Woodblock Prints. The 3 symbols on the right represent the Butterfly Wheel Motif which signifies pride of place, the warrior's close attachment to his native soil. The Samurai chose the wheel as a symbol to solicit divine assistance as he met his enemy. This symbol speaks to both the warrior's pride of place and dominance over his enemies. The writing on the right is warrior and strength. The red sun is a symbol used in their flag and the mountain is Mount Fuji.

Butterfly Wheel was adapted from Kumiko Sudo's book, Circles of the East.

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